Kalahari Lapidary

Wholesale mineral specimens and wholesale crystals fresh from the artisinal mines of the Northern Cape pegmatite belt in the Orange River area of South Africa.

I am Jimmy Crabb and I have been dealing in the mineral specimens and crystals ofrom all over sub-Saharan Africa for more than 20 years now and am probably best known for my wholesale websites at www.absolutequartzcrystals.com and www.amazonite.com

This site, however, is dedicated to supplying only minerals and crystals that we mine ourselves or purchase directly from the small time traditional and artisinal miners all over the Orange River area, so we can guarantee the best possible prices.

Shipping is via DHL express or Fedex (your choice) and due to the quantities I ship on a daiy basis I have been able to negotiate amazingly low international shipping rates with both carriers and we ship worldwide.

All new items and batchs of items added to this website will be password protected for one week to allow early bird investors to get first pick, thereafter eveything will be made available to the general public.

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